Dark Angel Filming Locations

Part of the Set in Seattle (filmed in Vancouver) Collection

Dark Angel was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Cleveland Dam

Max and Hannah Sukova run from Lydecker's men in episode 1x01 "Heat".

Burrard Dry Dock Pier


Logan waits for Max when he is attacked by a police drone in episode 1x17 "I and I Am a Camera".


Max dives off the pier to swim to an island in episode 1x01 "Heat".

Wild Bird Trust of B.C.


Max and Hannah Sukova escape on a boat in episode 1x01 "Heat".

Mainland Street (between Helmcken & Nelson)

Seattle Market

Max rides down the street and later talks here with Sketchy in pilot episode.

570 Granville Street


Max delivers a package to this office and observes Logan's apartment across the way in pilot episode.

777 Dunsmuir Street

Logan's Penthouse

Max breaks into Logan's penthouse in pilot episode.

Seymour Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

Seattle Street

Max and Sketchy ride down this street on their way to deliveries in pilot episode.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Manticore Lab

Interior of the Manticore facility Max and the other kids escape from in the pilot, and where Max attempts her rescue mission in episode 1x20 "…and Jesus Brought a Casserole".

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Location of the trial that Max has to break into in episode 1x09 "Red".

Police Department

Max breaks into this building to steal some information in episode 1x03 "C.R.E.A.M.".


Leeside Tunnel Skatepark

Bike Park

Max and her friends hang out in episode 1x03 "C.R.E.A.M.". From episode 1x04 "411 on the DL".

Hamilton Street (between Helmcken & Nelson)

Seattle Street

Max races another motorcyclist down this street in episode 1x04 "411 on the DL".

Nelson Street & Hamilton Street


Max stops at this checkpoint in episode 1x04 "411 on the DL".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Outside Steinlitz Hotel

The police surround the ConGen 2 Conference in episode 1x05 "Prodigy".

Seattle Municipal Courthouse

Max drives her motorcycle into the courtroom and drops off the witness in episode 1x09 "Red".

Downtown Building

Madame X talks with someone in episode 1x19 "Meow".

Hotel Vancouver

Steinlitz Hotel

Max investigates the ConGen 2 Conference in episode 1x05 "Prodigy".

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)


Zach attempts to meet up with Brin when they are ambushed in episode 1x06 "Cold Comfort".

Expo Boulevard

Seattle Street

Max drives down this street in episode 1x06 "Cold Comfort".

Alley (south of Cordova, west of Abbott)

Phone Booth

Brin makes a phone call in episode 1x06 "Cold Comfort".

Burrard Dry Dock

Waterfront Bench

Zach and Max leave Brin here for Lydecker in episode 1x06 "Cold Comfort".


Max and Zach talk by the water in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back".

Wallace Shipyards

South Market

Market built inside a old warehouse used throughout the series first seen in episode 1x07 "Blah Blah Woof Woof".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport


Max breaks into this hanger in episode 1x08 "Out".


Parker Street Studios

Riding by Tracks

Max rides with Sketchy beside the tracks in episode 1x08 "Out".

Aja Tan Studios

Trailer Park

Tinga is chased by Lydecker's team before being saved by Max and Zach in episode 1x12 "The Kidz Are Aiight".

Crab Park

Beach by Port

Max and Logan meet and talk on the beach in episode 1x12 "The Kidz Are Aiight".


Low Level Road

Seattle Road

Max rides her motorcycle towards Dr. Adriana Vertes's office to see if Logan is alright in episode 1x13 "Female Trouble".


Britannia Beach, BC

Cape Haven

Max and Logan visit this town on vacation in episode 1x14 "Haven".

Former Highway Bridge over Britannia Beach Creek


Max and Logan drive over this bridge on their way to Cape Haven in episode 1x14 "Haven".

Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Research Facility

Max is captured brought here before escaping. She then goes back to rescue Original Cindy and Diamond Latrell in episode 1x15 "Shorties in Love".

Street under Bridge

Max comes upon Original Cindy and Diamond Latrell's bus being stopped by the police in episode 1x15 "Shorties in Love".

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

Max goes to this church to meet with Ben in episode 1x16 "Pollo Loco".


Potash Silo (Vancouver Wharves)

Madame X's Lab

Lab where Madame X takes Tinga to experiment on her in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back". Where Max and Zack try to break Tinga out in episode 1x19 "Meow".

Downtown Campus (BCIT)


Roof where Max finds Tinga in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back".


Pier (Vancouver Wharves)


Madame X and Brin talk in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back".

Seymour Building

Smith's Apartment

Apartment that Max, Tinga, and Zack rescue Tinga's family from in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back".

Ruskin Dam


Max infiltrates this dam in episode 1x19 "Meow".


Tunnels (Riverview Hospital)

Tunnels under Manticore

From episode #120 & #201.

Former Pacific Vocational Institute

Manticore Lab

Max is being held at this lab after being captured by Manticore. She manages to escape and release everyone inside the facility, destroying it in the process in episode 2x01 "Designate This".

Twin Bridges (LSCR)


The young kids from Manticore meet on a bridge in episode 2x02 "Bag 'Em".

Terminal City Iron Works


Lydecker calls Logan from his car in this street in episode 2x03 "Proof of Purchase".

London School

Archeological Dig

Lydecker investigates an archeological dig in this closed down building in episode 2x03 "Proof of Purchase".