Movies Filmed at Bute Park

8 N Rd, Cardiff CF10, UK
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Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama from Doctor Who
208 m

Glamorgan Building from Doctor Who
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Sophia Gardens from Doctor Who
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Doctor Who

Hyde Park

A group of children playing in a park are swarmed by some Pterodactyls in episode 6x13 "The Wedding of River Song".

Guard Hallucination

A guard hallucinates after being kissed by River in episode 5x04 "The Time of Angels".

Park in Flashback

Amy remembers kissing Rory on a park bench while trying not to forget him in episode 5x09 "Cold Blood".

Central Park Hooverville

Martha and the Doctor are walking through the park when they come upon a shanty town in its center in episode 3x04 "Daleks in Manhattan". The shantytown is attacked in episode 3x05 "Evolution of the Daleks".