“The Wedding of River Song” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 6, Episode 13
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Doctor Who episode "The Wedding of River Song" was filmed in Cardiff & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Cardiff City Hall as Buckingham Senate

The Doctor is brought before Emperor Winston Churchill.


Wharton Street & St. Mary Street as Chariot on Street Corner

The charioteer waits for the traffic light to change.


Bute Park as Hyde Park

A group of children playing in a park are swarmed by some Pterodactyls.


Mir Steel as The Docks of Calisto B

The Doctor pays a visit to the Tesselector in the form of a member of the Silence and then plays some chess.


14 Archer Road as Amy & Rory's House

Amy sits sadly in her back yard when she is visited by River.


Cardiff City Hall as Hospital

The Doctor tries to contact Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart only to learn that he has died.