Movies Filmed at Former Ely Paper Mill

9 Paper Mill Rd, Cardiff, CF11 8DH, UK

Was demolished in 2009, currently an empty lot.

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Sanatorium Road Underpass from Doctor Who
158 m

Victoria Park from Doctor Who
502 m

Fitzalan High School from Doctor Who
758 m

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Doctor Who

Nestene Base

Rose and the Doctor break into the Nestene base under the London Eye and rescue Mickey and defeat the Nestene in episode 1x01 "Rose".

Hospital Experimentation

Cassandra (in Rose's body) and the Doctor investigate the strangeness in the hospital in episode 2x01 "New Earth".

Cyber Factory Explodes

Rose and the Doctor attempt to escape the Cyber factory as is explodes around them in episode 2x06 "The Age of Steel".

Expressway Entrance

Martha is kidnapped by the two drivers and taken to the expressway in episode 3x03 "Gridlock".