“Rose” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 1, Episode 1
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Doctor Who episode "Rose" was filmed in London, Cardiff, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

House of Fraser as Henrik's Department Store

Store where Rose works.

Trafalgar Square as Trafalgar Square

Rose and Mickey have lunch by a fountain.


BBC Broadcasting House as Henrik's Department Store (elevator)

Rose and the Doctor escape the Nestene dummies in the basement.


University Hospital of Wales as Henrik's Department Store (basement)

Rose goes into the basement of the store she works at and is attacked by the Nestene dummies.


Skinner Lane as Henrik's Department Store (rear door)

After encountering the Nestene dummies, the Doctor tells Rose to run away and forget what she saw in the basement.


Wharton Street & St. Mary Street as Henrik's Department Store (exterior)

Rose runs away from the department store after her first encounter with the Doctor.


Lydstep Flats as Powell Estate

After being attacked by the Nestene arm, Rose and the Doctor talk while walking away from her flat.


Brandon Estate as Powell Estate

Mickey throws out the Nestene dummy arm.


Llanidloes Road as Street near Powell Estate

Rose and the Doctor chat, and then the Doctor tells Rose to go home while he goes into the TARIDS.


6 Taff Terrace as Clive's House

Rose goes to talk to a man named Clive about the mystery that is the Doctor.


La Fosse as Tizanno's Pizza

Rose and Plastic Mickey eat dinner after talking with Clive.


Cardiff Royal Infirmary as Alley behind Tizanno's Pizza

Rose and the Doctor run from Plastic Mickey and Rose gets to see inside the TARDIS for the first time.

Victoria Embankment (between Horse Guards & Richmond) as Downtown London

The TARDIS lands on the shore of the Thames and Rose interrogates the Doctor about what is happening.

Westminster Bridge as Westminster Bridge

Rose and the Doctor run across the Westminster Bridge to the London Eye.

London Eye as London Eye

Rose and the Doctor track down the Nestene control transmission to the London Eye.

The Queens Walk as Near London Eye

Rose and the Doctor locate the entrance to the underground Nestene base.


Former Ely Paper Mill as Nestene Base

Rose and the Doctor break into the Nestene base under the London Eye and rescue Mickey and defeat the Nestene.


Que Pasa as Police Station

Jackie talks to Rose on the phone as she is leaving the police station.


Queen's Arcade as Shopping Centre

Jackie is shopping here when the Nestene wake up all of the store dummies.


Former St. David's Market as Alley

The TARDIS rematerializes in this alley after defeating the Nestene and the Doctor convinces Rose to travel with him.


Channel View Flats as Tyler's Flat

Rose walks down the stairs from her flat.