Movies Filmed at Charing Cross Underground Station

Charing Cross, City of Westminster, London WC2N, UK

Charing Cross tube station is a combination of the Trafalgar Square station, which opened in 1906 to serve the Bakerloo line, and the Charing Cross station, serving the Northern Line which opened a year later. The two stations were combined in 1979 when the Jubilee line joined them. While the Jubilee line platforms were closed in 1999, the stations and tracks are still maintained for operation reasons making them popular filming destinations for shoots that require modern-looking platforms.

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Tube Station

While James Bond didn't go to the Charing Cross station in the film, they shot at a part of Charing Cross that is no longer used for transit.

28 Weeks Later

Tube Station (interior)

Source: IMDb

Thor: The Dark World

Charing Cross Station

Thor hops on a train to get back to Greenwich.

The Fourth Protocol

High Street Kensington Station (interior)

Source: IMDb

Hyde Park Corner Station (interior)

Killing Eve

Charing Cross Station

Eve tries to adjust her bulletproof vest and then ponders pushing some guy who bumped her onto the tracks in episode 2x05 "Smell Ya Later".

The Rook

Charing Cross Station

The hooded pursuer his Myfanwy with a tranquilizer dart but learns too late that she switched hoodies with Gestalt in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".