Movies Filmed at Trsteno Arboretum

Trsteno, Croatia
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Trsteno Bridge from Game of Thrones
86 m

Trsteno Harbour from Game of Thrones
266 m

Trsteno Rocky Shore from Game of Thrones
303 m

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Game of Thrones

Red Keep Gardens

Sansa is invited to take tea with Margaery and Olenna Tyrell in episode 3x02 “Dark Wings, Dark Words”. Olenna and Varys talk about Sansa, followed by Sansa and Margaery talking about Sansa's marriage in episode 3x04 “And Now His Watch Is Ended”. Littlefinger talks with Sansa as they watch the ships leave in episode 3x05 “Kissed by Fire”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
Also appears in “The Climb”, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, “Mhysa”, “Two Swords”, “The Lion and the Rose”, “Breaker of Chains”, “Oathkeeper”, & “First of His Name”.