“The Sound of Drums” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 3, Episode 12
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Doctor Who episode "The Sound of Drums" was filmed in Cardiff & Bristol in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Llanedeyrn Drive Underpass as Martha Calls Leo

Martha calls her brother to warn him about the Master.


College Green as Vote Saxon PSA

Woman tells voters to vote for Saxon.


Former British Rail Warehouse as Warehouse Hideout

The Doctor tells Martha and Jack about the Master.


Penarth Esplanade as Leo on Shore

Martha calls Leo and warns him about the Master.


Wenallt Woods Field as Invasion in Field

Martha escapes the helicarrier and sees the beginning of the invasion.


Whitmore Bay as Timelord Ceremony

The Doctor tells the story of the Master looking into the Time Vortex.


9 Lower Cwrt-y-Vil Road as Francine Jones's House

Francine warns Martha about the Master's soldiers and is arrested.


Hensol Castle as 10 Downing Street (interior)

The Master kills his cabinet in the rebuilt Downing Street.


Alley off The Friary as Arrival in Alley

Martha, Jack, and the Doctor arrive using the vortex manipulator.


Wales Millennium Centre as Prime Minister's Address

The new Prime Minister addresses the country.


18 University Place as Martha's Flat

Martha, Jack, and the Doctor run from Martha's flat which then explodes.


Fortes as Newscast in Cafe

People in a cafe watch the address by the Master as he deploys his murder-bots.


Queen Street & The Friary as Discussing the Master

Shortly after arriving back in the past, Martha, Jack, and the Doctor discuss the Master while walking down the street.


Maelfa Shopping Centre as Shopping Centre

The Doctor talks with the Master on the phone and then the group flees through the mall.


Llanedeyrn Drive Overpass as Disappearing on Bridge

Martha, Jack, and the Doctor cross over a bridge and activate their invisibility device.


MOD St Athan as Airstrip

The group watches the Master meeting with the President of the USA and then traveling to the UNIT helicarrier.


Former Nippon Electric Glass as Valiant Mechanical Areas

Martha, Jack, and the Doctor arrive aboard the Valiant.