Movies Filmed at 6700 Southridge Drive

6700 Southridge Drive, Burnaby, BC V3N 5G3, Canada
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Tracks near Mac & Jac from Arrow
125 m

Byrne Creek Secondary School from Arrow
678 m

Byrnepark Drive (between Southwynde & So… from Legends of Tomorrow
875 m

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KJAD 89.3

The team questions the station owner about the death in episode 7x12 "Dead Air".


Peter Declan's Office

Peter Declan talks to his enforcers about Laurel and later Oliver interrogates him in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Meeting in Limo

Moira meets with Merlyn in his limo in a parking lot in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".


Hedare Beauty Factory