Movies Filmed at Alley (south of Pandora, west of Victoria)

Victoria Drive & Pandora Street, Vancouver, BC V5L, Canada
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1831 Franklin Street from Arrow
42 m

Franklin Street (between Salsbury & Vict… from Lucifer and 1 other movie.
52 m

United Maritime Suppliers from Arrow
79 m

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The Flash

End of Run Up

Barry stops at an alley at the end of his run up to hit Tony Woodward in episode 1x06 "The Flash Is Born".

End of Chase

Barry confronts Tony Woodward in an alley after he breaks through the police roadblock in episode 1x06 "The Flash Is Born".


End of Chase

Diggle chases Ted Gaynor down an alley after refusing to rob an armored car in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".