“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Filming Locations

Trouble brews for all of our favorite clones.

Series: Orphan Black Season 1, Episode 10
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Orphan Black episode "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Gardiner Expressway as Highway

Dr. Leekie gives his offer to Cosima in his limo.

Toronto Coach Terminal as Bus Station

Cosima arrives in town on the bus and is confronted by Dr. Leekie.

32 Harper Hill Road as Aynsley's House

Alison visits Aynsley house only to watch Aynsley be strangled by her own scarf.

21 Don Roadway as Abandoned Industrial Area

Sarah goes to meet her surrogate mother Amelia only to find Helena has already arrived and killed her.

Bay Adelaide Centre West as Rachel Duncan's Office

Sarah winds up at the office and meets Rachel Duncan, another one of the clones.