Movies Filmed at Carrall Street (between Keefer & Expo)

Carrall Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Andy Livingstone Park from The Flash and 5 other movies.
51 m

Keefer Place (between Taylor & Carrall) from Continuum
89 m

Expo Boulevard (between Carrall & Union) from The Flash
92 m

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The Flash

Ice Cream Truck Attack

Grodd attacks the Federal Reserve transport disguised as an ice cream truck in episode 1x21 "Grodd Lives".

Barry & Iris Walking

Barry and Iris are walking down the street when they are almost hit by a crashing police car in pilot episode.


Attacking Ruvé's Limo

Diggle attacks the mayor's limo and demands information on his brother in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".

Legends of Tomorrow

Star City Underpass [2018]

Gary is walking down the street when Wally zips up, steals his Time Watch, and pantses him in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".