Movies Filmed at Cunard Buiding

25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004, USA
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Bowling Green Offices from Person of Interest
43 m

Morris Street & Broadway from Person of Interest
54 m

Bowling Green from Person of Interest and 1 other movie.
74 m

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Person of Interest

Evading CIA Tail

Carter ducks into a building and switches coats to evade her CIA tail in episode 1x11 “Super”.

Central Station

Riley and Annie try to leave on the train but are stopped by Ochoa in episode 2x04 “Triggerman”.

Bus Station

The police identify Vanessa Watkins buying a bus ticket in episode 3x04 “Reasonable Doubt”.

Waterside East (exterior)

Simon Lee ducks into a hotel to hide from those hunting him in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.