Movies Filmed at Bowling Green Offices

11 Broadway, New York, NY 10004, USA
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Cunard Buiding from Person of Interest and 2 other movies.
43 m

Bowling Green from Person of Interest and 1 other movie.
46 m

Morris Street & Broadway from Person of Interest
89 m

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Person of Interest

Jumper on Rooftop

Reese and Fusco follow a criminal to a rooftop where he threatens to jump in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Murray Campaign Office (interior)

Shaw infiltrates the campaign of Governor Murray to keep an eye on their latest Number in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Perez Campaign Office

Greer approaches Nick Dawson in the campaign office after Michelle Perez dies during the acceptance speech in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Wall Street Stock Ticker

Root and Finch watch the stock market crash with a group on the street in episode 4x11 “If-Then-Else”.

Castellum (lobby)

Reese follows Sulaiman Khan into the lobby of his company and later Khan sneaks into the basement in episode 4x19 “Search and Destroy”.