“Prophets” Filming Locations

After an election goes in an unexpected direction, a pollster for the losing party finds his life in danger after uncovering a conspiracy.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 5
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Person of Interest episode "Prophets" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Bowling Green Offices as Jumper on Rooftop

Reese and Fusco follow a criminal to a rooftop where he threatens to jump.


2 Court Square as Murray Campaign Office (exterior)

Simon Lee is reclassified by Samaritan after he abandons his suspicions.


Bowling Green Offices as Murray Campaign Office (interior)

Shaw infiltrates the campaign of Governor Murray to keep an eye on their latest Number.


Manhattan Municipal Building as Election Commission (exterior)

Root and Shaw leave the building after thwarting a murder attempt on Simon Lee.


The Plaza Hotel as Acceptance Speech

The team heads to Michelle Perez's acceptance event to take her down with their blackmail material and spot Simon Lee.


Beaver Street (between Broadway & Broad) as Following Simon Lee

Finch follows Simon Lee after leaving the victory announcement.


Broad Street (between Beaver & William) as Redirecting Simon Lee

Root crashes a car in front of Simon Lee so he would turn away from cameras.


Cunard Buiding as Waterside East (exterior)

Simon Lee ducks into a hotel to hide from those hunting him.


Roosevelt Hotel as Waterside East (lobby)

Simon Lee enters a hotel to lay low for awhile and later Root gets into a gunfight with Martine.


Broad Street (between Beaver & William) as Reacquiring Simon Lee

Samaritan picks Simon Lee back up on its cameras and begins tracking him again.


Marketfield Street as Kidnapping Simon Lee

Reese and Shaw save Simon Lee from Samaritan agents in an alley.


Bowling Green Offices as Perez Campaign Office

Greer approaches Nick Dawson in the campaign office after Michelle Perez dies during the acceptance speech.


5th Avenue (between 56th & 57th) as Finch on Street

Finch walks down the street and then addresses the Machine through a camera.