Movies Filmed at Andaz Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005, USA

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Fino from John Wick and 1 other movie.
40 m

Beaver Street (between Hanover & Pearl) from Person of Interest
48 m

Water Street (between Hanover & Wall) from Person of Interest
62 m

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Person of Interest

Drug Apartment

Reese finds that a apartment owned by one of the Jordan Hesters is a drug lab in episode 1x18 “Identity Crisis”.


Reese watches Caroline Turing eat lunch at a cafe and then talks with Zoe Morgan in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Grand Point Hotel

Reese takes Caroline Turing to a hotel to keep her safe from HR in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Caroline Turing's Office (interior)

Reese plants a bug in Caroline Turing's office while visiting as a patient in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Cell Tower Rooftop

Finch hacks into the cell network and disables the HR and FBI communications in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.