Movies Filmed at George Wainborn Park

George Wainborn Park, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3G1, Canada
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Beach Crescent (between Seymour & Richar… from Supergirl
101 m

Seawall (between Strathmore & Homer) from Supergirl
146 m

Under Granville Street Bridge from Fringe and 2 other movies.
193 m

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Park Pond

Dr. Perrow shows up at the park and tells Taylor that she will be taking care of him now in episode 2x12 “001”.


Krypton Park

Metallo 2 attacks a park in Metropolis while Superman is in National City in episode 2x02 “The Last Children of Krypton”.

Simmons Square

James and Winn are walking through the market when a telekinetic alien attacks in episode 2x20 “City of Lost Children”.

Smidt Park

Nia uses the image inducer in an attempt to trick and depower Nxyly but things take a turn in episode 6x11 “Mxy in the Middle”. The Super Friends prepare the portal needed to send the nightmare monster back to the Dream Realm in episode 6x16 “Nightmare in National City”.