Movies Filmed at Coffey Street Studios

202 Coffey St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

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Coffey Street (between Ferris & end) from Hearts Beat Loud
39 m

Coffey Street & Ferris Street from Blindspot and 1 other movie.
71 m

Louis Valentino Jr. Park from Blindspot and 2 other movies.
83 m

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Person of Interest

Decima Warehouse

Greer oversees the activation of Samaritan for the beta test in episode 3x20 “Death Benefit”. Greer runs the beta test and later Reese and Shaw get out of a taxi's trunk and search the building in episode 3x21 “Beta”.

Mt. Vernon Industrial Dry Cleaning

Reese and Shaw meet up with Root and she shows them the computers she stole from the container ship in episode 3x21 “Beta”.


Finch and Fusco find Shaw interrogating the forger Yorke after Reese was done with him in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”.