Movies Filmed at Times Square (south of 45th)

7th Ave & W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
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Times Square is an incredible popular tourist destination at the heart of Manhattan's Broadway Theater District. The southern half of the square has no official name and contains an U.S. Army recruiting station and the NYC tourist information booth. The north side of Times Square continues past 45th Street.

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Times Square

A police officer finds an abandoned bag in the middle of Times Square and when the bomb squad opens it they find a woman inside in pilot episode. From episode 1x16 "Any Wounded Thief".

Person of Interest

Times Square

Reese and Fusco watch Ali Hasan hand the cellphone over to Link in episode 4x01 "Panopticon". Finch hacks into the CIA database to draw Terence Beale away from the ARC offices in episode 5x03 "Truth Be Told". Samaritan takes control of all of the screens to talk with Finch in episode 5x13 "return 0".

Jessica Jones

Times Square

Alisa wanders through Times Square until she sees a poster advertising Trish's show in episode 2x12 "AKA Pray for My Patsy".


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