Movies Filmed at Times Square (north of 45th)

Times Square, Manhattan, NY 10036, USA

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Times Square is an incredible popular tourist destination at the heart of Manhattan's Broadway Theater District. The north half of the square is also known as Father Duffy Square, named in 1937 after U.S. Army Chaplain Francis P. Duffy who was the most highly decorated cleric in the history of the Army for his service during WWI. The square contains the distinctive red TKTS booth with tiered seating and a statue of the father of American musical comedy, George M. Cohan. The south side of Times Square continues past 45th Street.

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7th Avenue (between 46th & 47th) (Times … from Enchanted
23 m

Former Movieland Theater from Ghostbusters II
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Times Square

Giselle and several other people from the other side arrive through a manhole in Times Square.


Times Square

Liza is hiding out away from the mayhem when Caitlin finds her and assumes she is working as a regular costumed character in episode 2x11 “Secrets & Liza”.

Person of Interest

Times Square

Finch hacks DoD and gains information on the facility Reese and Mark Snow are breaking into in episode 2x13 “Dead Reckoning”. Reese stands in the middle of Times Square to test the rebuilt Machine's ability to track him in episode 5x02 “SNAFU”.


Times Square

Clint tells Kate about his hearing and and they spy some people dressed up as superheroes posing for photos in episode 1x02 “Hide and Seek”. Clint walks through Times Square and calls up Laura in episode 1x05 “Ronin”.