“Invincible” Filming Locations

Another familiar face arrives from Earth-2 to terrorize the city while the team works on a way to stop all of the new meta-humans and Joe tries to stop Wally from doing something dangerously heroic.

Series: The Flash Season 2, Episode 22
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The Flash episode "Invincible" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Oceanic Plaza as Porter Plaza

The police fight against the meta-humans under Zoom's control.

Guinness Tower as Mercury Labs (exterior)

Black Siren destroys the Mercury Labs building.

Oceanic Plaza as Bird Vision

Cisco has a vision of birds crashing into the ground on Earth-2.

Norco Studios as Purse Snatcher

Wally tries to stop a purse snatcher only to realize he is up against a meta-human.

West Hastings Street & Burrard Street as Main & Fifth

The Flash arrives to stop the Black Siren from destroying another building.

1133 Melville Street as Empty Building

Cisco and Caitlin disguise themselves as their Earth-2 doppelgängers to stop Black Siren from destroying several buildings downtown.