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3455 Cornett Rd, Vancouver, BC V5M 3Y6, Canada
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Cornett Road (between Natal & Skeena) from The Flash and 1 other movie.
48 m

Pacific Backlot Services from The Flash and 1 other movie.
76 m

Cornett Road & Natal Street from The Flash and 2 other movies.
84 m

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The Flash

Breach on Loading Dock

Harry meets with Zoom and gives him the first taste of Barry's speed force in episode 2x12 "Fast Lane".


Hunter-Locke Loading Dock

Black Siren meets with Prometheus after her cover is blown and he demands results from her in episode 5x10 "Who Are You?". Black Siren approaches a delivery driver at night claiming to be the Laurel from this world in episode 6x14 "Collision Course".