Movies Filmed at Cornett Road & Natal Street

Cornett Rd & Natal St, Vancouver, BC V5M, Canada
Nearby Locations
Cornett Road (between Natal & Skeena) from The Flash and 1 other movie.
72 m

Cornett Road (between Bentall & Natal) from The Flash and 1 other movie.
73 m

Opus Administration Office from The Flash and 1 other movie.
84 m

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The Flash

Burning Building (exterior)

The fire department arrives at a burning building only to have the Flash arrive to put out the fire in episode 2x02 “Flash of Two Worlds”.

Outside Cathedral

Barry and Oliver look back at the cathedral after it is blown up by Vandal Savage in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Car Crash

The Flash saves several people from a car that then explodes in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.

Square near Jitters

Barry gives Ralph a superheroing lesson when they are mugged after getting coffee in episode 4x06 “When Harry Met Harry…”.


Chasing Limo

The team chases after the limo where Carrie Cutter is driving another couple she's kidnapped in episode 4x16 “Broken Hearts”.

Prison Bus Breakout

China White, Carrie Cutter, and Liza Warner kill some prison guards and break out of custody in episode 5x14 “The Sin-Eater”.