Movies Filmed at The Cobalt Cabaret

917 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V8, Canada
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Cobalt Hotel from Deadpool
8 m

Prior Street & Main Street from The X-Files
32 m

Prior Street (between Quebec & Milross) from Arrow
58 m

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Los Diablos Bar

Chloe and Lucifer enter the bar belonging to the biker gang and talk to the leader in episode 1x06 "Favorite Son".

The Magicians


Penny goes into a bar and meets with the old traveller in episode 1x05 "Mendings, Major and Minor".

Hedge Bar

Josh finds a video of a magical bear attack in a bar and the gang heads there to question the bartender in episode 3x02 "Heroes and Morons".



Patrick is getting ready to leave after waiting for Maddie when she shows up and asks to go back to his place in episode 1x05 "Is a Shark Good or Bad?".



Harris and Grace track down Alonzo and ask for his help investigating Q17 in episode 2x09 "The Manchurian Candidate".