“Mendings, Major and Minor” Filming Locations

Quentin gets troubling news about his father, Alice considers returning to Brakebills, and Julia searches out new Hedge Witches to learn from.

Series: The Magicians Season 1, Episode 5
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The Magicians episode "Mendings, Major and Minor" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Frederic Wood Theatre (UBC) as Outside Classroom

Penny walks down the walkway.


The Eastside Flea as Hedge Witch Hideout

Julia tries to talk her way back in.


WilMar Estate as Psychic Discipline Room

Penny practices his meditation.

Norma Rose Point School as Welters Gym

The Physical Kids participate in a game of Welters which Quentin wins with an impressive spell.


Ivanhoe Pub as Hedge Witch Bar

Julia meets with another group of Hedge Witches only to find they know very little.


Torafuku as Wine Bar

Julia demands information on more groups of Hedge Witches from Peter after the first group turns out to be bunk.


The Cobalt Cabaret as Bar

Penny goes into a bar and meets with the old traveller.

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park) as Domes

Eliot tries to convince Alice to recommend to Genji to be his mentor.