Movies Filmed at Casa Mia

1920 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6P 6B2, Canada

Built in 1932 for beer tycoon George Reifel, this Spanish Colonial Revival home is perhaps the most famous heritage house in Vancouver.

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Laburnum Street (between 63rd & 64th) from The Magicians
279 m

2026 West 63rd Avenue from The Magicians
308 m

WilMar Estate from Lucifer and 2 other movies.
332 m

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Dunlear Foundation

Chloe and Lucifer investigate the murder of a former football player-turned philanthropist in episode 1x11 “St. Lucifer”.


Corto Maltese Mansion

Thea practices her fighting at Merlyn's mansion in Corto Maltese in episode 3x02 “Sara”.

Appears in 1 additional episode.
Also appears in “Corto Maltese”.


Brinks Mansion

Liv and Clive question the members of Mrs. Brinks' staff and find them all claiming to love her in episode 4x02 “Blue Bloody”.


Rojas Estate

Andrea finds her father in a bad state after their company ends up in dire straights and invites Lena over for drinks to commiserate in episode 5x06 “Confidence Women”.

Andrea's London Home

Russell Rogers discovers the medalian covered in blood at Andrea's place and is immediately set upon by Leviathan agents in episode 5x06 “Confidence Women”.

Governor's Mansion

Andrea assassinates a governor on her first mission using her new shadow powers in episode 5x06 “Confidence Women”.


Kappa Tau Kappa

Lucy lights a strange looking candle to help her meditate and accidentally releases the ghost of a former Kappa sister in episode 1x06 “Kappa Spirit”.

Jenna Gordonson's Home

Maggie and Mel talk to the Kappa who kicked out Brenda and learn the truth about who she was and how she died in episode 1x06 “Kappa Spirit”.

The Overlord's Mansion

Abigael brings Maggie to meet with Parker who is now in charge of the united demons to determine who attacked the grove in episode 2x07 “Past Is Present”. Maggie returns to Parker to ask for the release of the captured witches and to accept his proposal in episode 2x08 “The Rules of Engagement”.

Abigael's Home

Macy, Harry, and Maggie orb to Abigael's home to ask about the slaughter in the sacred grove only to find her indisposed in episode 2x07 “Past Is Present”.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

The Belleview

Lara Jean begins volunteering at the senior citizens' home where Margo volunteered before. While there, she meets Margo's friend Stormy and is surprised to find John Ambrose also volunteering.