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Wynonna Earp

Shorty's Saloon

Wynonna heads to the bar to drink and later walks out with Waverly while talking about their past in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Wynonna confronts Doc about shooting at Waverly in episode 1x04 “The Blade”. The judge receives a suitcase of money for the Poker Spectacular from Mr. Stokes in episode 1x11 “Landslide”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
House of Memories

Wynonna and Dolls see Judge Cryderman about to kill himself.

I Walk the Line

Dolls and Doc attack the gathered Revenants to get the cure.

I Hope You Dance

Wynonna and Dolls leave Shorty's after defeating the Revenants and see the helicopter fly overhead.

War Paint

Wynonna walks through the deserted town and into the bar.

Look at Them Beans

Chrissy has her mob pull Wynonna from the bar to be executed.