Movies Filmed at 20 Street (between 18 & 19)

20 St & 19 Ave, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0, Canada
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Wynonna Earp

Main Street

Waverly and Wynonna talk after being reunited in episode 1x01 “Purgatory”. Willa and Bobo reconnect and walk down the street in episode 1x12 “House of Memories”. Waverly runs from the townspeople pursuing her and is captured by Chrissy Nedley in episode 1x13 “I Walk the Line”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Gone as a Girl Can Get

Nicole helps Waverly clean up in her squad car after Doc is killed.

I Hope You Dance

Faux-Mercedes stops Waverly and Wynonna in the street where she is holding their friends hostage and demands Wynonna's help.

Daddy Lessons

While Nicole is supervising the town's evacuation with a newly deputized Robin, Wynonna shows up looking for Waverly.

Friends in Low Places

Wynonna and Doc reunite but find the town has changed in their absence.

Look at Them Beans

Chrissy's attempt to kill Wynonna for her father's death is interrupted by Sheriff Clayborn who demands a show trial.