“I Hope You Dance” Filming Locations

The Widows have broken the third seal with Bobo's help and now the team must find a way to stop them and the Demon Clootie just as Wynonna goes into labor.

Series: Wynonna Earp Season 2, Episode 12
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Wynonna Earp episode "I Hope You Dance" was filmed in Calgary & Didsbury in Canada.
Show Map

CL Western Town & Backlot as Old Church

Waverly tries to stop the Widows and Bobo and is soon joined by Wynonna.


The Honeymoon Cabin (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Earp Homestead

The team regroups and the homestead and comes up with a plan.


The Weigh Station (CL Western Town & Backlot) as Perley Homestead

Wynonna and Waverly confront Gretta and get her to craft a weapon from the plate.


The Woods (CL Western Town & Backlot) as The Well

Dolls finds Doc standing on the rim of the well after realizing his mortality and later Doc leaves Bobo trapped at the bottom.


20 Street (between 18 & 19) as Main Street

Faux-Mercedes stops Waverly and Wynonna in the street where she is holding their friends hostage and demands Wynonna's help.


Jumping Pound Road (at 250129) as Purgatory Town Sign

Dolls is heading out of town to get Wynonna's doctor when he is stopped by the Order who want the baby for themselves. Later, Nicole watches as Waverly cross the boundary with the baby to see if they are part revenant.


Ulla La Boutique as Shorty's Saloon

Wynonna and Dolls leave Shorty's after defeating the Revenants and see the helicopter fly overhead.