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Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada

Part of CL Western Town & Backlot
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Wynonna Earp

Gardner Mansion

Tucker tries to get Mercedes to support his crusade against Nicole but she shuts him down in episode 2x03 “Gonna Getcha Good”. Tucker tries to talk with Mercedes but eventually learns that his sisters have been replaced in episode 2x04 “She Ain't Right”. The two Women in Black look for some way to locate the second seal in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Appears in 11 additional episodes.
Everybody Knows

Wynonna and Dolls go to talk to Mercedes and Beth about their brother and later Dolls stakes the place out with Jeremy.

Forever Mine Nevermind

Dolls goes to the mansion to search for the Widows and finds a faceless Mercedes in the basement.

Blood Red and Going Down

The vampires throw a party with the townsfolk they have glamoured and they separate out the original Purgatory families as a sacrifice to Bulshar.

Colder Weather

Doc and Waverly go to the abandoned mansion to recover the letter from Katalin and she does a tarot reading of Waverly.

If We Make It Through December

Wynonna and Doc visit Kate to find out why Bulshar was after the first families.

I Fall To Pieces

Doc wakes up after three days with Kate and finds he can no longer stand the touch of Bulshar's ring.

Waiting Forever for You

Doc comes home to find Kate waiting with someone for him to bite and later Wynonna visits to have a 'talk' with her.

Undo It

Nicole and Waverly investigate a disturbance and discover Mercedes Gardner has returned to town.

The Other Woman

Wynonna and Waverly make their way to Mercedes' home where Waverly tries to harness the power of her ring to defeat One Armed Clint.

Daddy Lessons

Nicole treats Kate for her gunshot wound while Kate checks her Tarot deck for anything other than death.

War Paint

Nicole is finishing up with Kate's wound when Mercedes arrives home followed by a swarm of zombie beekeepers.

Clockmaker's Mansion (entrance)

Wynonna kicks down the front door and goes inside with Dolls and Nicole in episode 2x06 “Whiskey Lullaby”.