Movies Filmed at CL Western Town & Backlot

Unnamed Road, Calgary, AB T3Z 2B4, Canada
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Wynonna Earp

Bobo Rises

Bobo climbs out of the snowy ground in episode 2x08 "No Future in the Past".

Old Church

The Widow-Beth approaches the burned out remains of the barn with the third seal in episode 2x10 "I See a Darkness". Widow-Beth tries desperately to break the third seal but realizes she needs help in episode 2x11 "Gone as a Girl Can Get". Waverly tries to stop the Widows and Bobo and is soon joined by Wynonna in episode 2x12 "I Hope You Dance".

Christmas Tree Lot

While Nedley is acting as Santa for the municipal fundraiser, a young boy is kidnapped by Bulshar in episode 3x06 "If We Make It Through December".