Movies Filmed at West Parking Garage

1055 Eveleigh St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Part of Bentall Centre

Nearby Locations
Laguna Blu Restaurant from Fringe
41 m

Bentall 4 from The Flash
46 m

Thurlow Street (between Pender & Melvill… from The Flash and 2 other movies.
47 m

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Parking Garage

Dr. Jones tries to kill Rand O'Reilly who is saved by Kara & Hank who have to be saved in turn by the DEO in episode 2x06 “Changing”.

Construction Site

Barry and Oliver learn that Deegan has taken on the guise of Superman in this altered reality but they manage to escape him despite not having any powers in episode 4x09 “Elseworlds, Part 3”.