Movies Filmed at 2715 Point Grey Road

2715 Point Grey Rd, Vancouver, BC V6K 1A4, Canada
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1845 Bayswater Street from iZombie
450 m

Apartment at 5th & Trafalgar from The Cabin in the Woods
558 m

Kitsilano Pool from The Romeo Section
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Vincent's House

Vincent tells his therapist the story of his time in the 21st century in episode 2x01 "Ave Machina". Grant visits Vincent's home to ask about the bodies found in the building his company owns in episode 2x03 "Jacob".

The Magicians

McAllistair Mansion

Dean Fogg and Quentin distract Irene McAllistair to give Julia a chance to search for the second key in episode 3x04 "Be The Penny".

Fifty Shades Darker

Dr. Flynn's Office