“Jacob” Filming Locations

When four Travelers are found dead in an old building, the team steps up their hunt for the mysterious individual who has been targeting Travelers.

Series: Travelers Season 2, Episode 3
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Travelers episode "Jacob" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Canada Post Main Office as 46 Henderson Avenue (interior)

A team of Travelers are interrogated in the basement of an old building.

657 37th Avenue West as 46 Henderson Avenue (exterior)

A group of construction workers are preparing a building for demolition when they discover bodies buried inside.

Parking Lot (at Belmont & Discovery) as Street Corner

Trevor's dad drops him off and the corner and Trevor then runs off on his fully healed leg.


700 Vernon Drive as Carly's House

Carly and Jeff continue their act for Child Services and manage to get their kid back.


Pender Street Apartments as Sylvie Ward's Apartment

Grant goes to Sylvie Ward's apartment to locate her husband.


Raymur Avenue (between Cordova & Pender) as Underpass

Grant drives back to the base with the injured Traveler.


Union Wood Co. as Base of Operations

Marcy returns to the base of operations to take care of the injured Traveler.

2715 Point Grey Road as Vincent's House

Grant visits Vincent's home to ask about the bodies found in the building his company owns.


A. T. Storrs Ltd. as Rooftop near Base

Vincent's mercenaries assemble overlooking the base and wait for the team to leave.