Movies Filmed at Alley (south of Granville, west of Nelson)

1057 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3M6, Canada
Nearby Locations
Parking Lot (off Seymour Street) from The Flash
24 m

The Penthouse Night Club from The Flash and 2 other movies.
36 m

The Granville Strip from Legends of Tomorrow and 1 other movie.
39 m

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Alley near Amadei's Home

An alien heading to the vigil notices a body in the alley and is attacked by Jensen when he tries to help in episode 4x05 “Parasite Lost”.



Kate chases down a member of the Wonderland gang and demands he hand over his jacket in episode 1x08 “A Mad Tea-Party”. Alice and Sophie once again wake up next to one another and Alice reveals that Kate is still alive in episode 2x03 “Bat Girl Magic!”.

Alley outside Mary's Lab

Mary runs from Victor Zsasz and gets to witness the debut of Ryan's personalized Batsuit in episode 2x03 “Bat Girl Magic!”.

Alley behind Old Solomon's Tavern

Ryan attacks Tavaroff as he is leaving a bar but he manages to call in other Crows to help him escape in episode 2x15 “Armed and Dangerous”.