“Bat Girl Magic!” Filming Locations

Sophie and Alice have a little island getaway while Ryan gets some fashion tips.

Batwoman episode “Bat Girl Magic!” was filmed in Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, Delta, & New Westminster in Canada.

Hotel Vancouver as GA Hotel

Victor Zsasz breaks into a hotel room to assassinate Vin Capalaci and his mistress on his wife's orders. Later, Ryan meets with Victor Zsasz in the hotel's bar under the cover of hiring him to get close enough to break into his phone.

Buller Studio as Alley

Ryan continues to struggle in finding her groove as she takes down a dealer from the False Face Society.

Whytecliff Park as Coryana Beach

Sophie wakes up on the beach next to Alice on the remote island of Coryana and learns that the island's leader Safiyah has kidnapped them.

Anvil Centre as Hamilton Dynamics

Victor Zsasz violently breaks into Hamilton Dynamics in the middle of the day to steal some data.