Glee Filming Locations

Glee is the story of New Directions—William McKinley High School's glee club—in the small town of Lima, Ohio.

Glee was filmed in New York & Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Cabrillo High School

William McKinley High School

Football field, auditorium, and outdoor walkways used in first season. For season 2 a replica of the auditorium was built at Paramount Pictures Studio for filming.


Helen Bernstein High School

William McKinley High School

cafeteria, plaza, and gym used


Sit 'N Sleep


From episode 1x12 "Mattress".


Moonlight Rollerway

Rinky Dinks

Will finds April Rhodes and sings karaoke in episode 1x16 "Home".


Eagle Rock Plaza

Lima Mall

Performance of "Safety Dance" in the mall in episode 1x19 "Dream On". Performance of "Barbra Streisand" in episode 2x18 "Born This Way".


Congregational Church of Northridge


Carol and Burt get married in episode 2x08 "Furt".


The Gap (The Grove)


Blaine and the Warblers sing "When I Get You Alone" to Jeremiah in episode 2x12 "Silly Love Songs".


Cowboy Country Saloon

Rosalita's Roadhouse

Bieste and Will let off some steam at a country western bar in episode 2x14 "Blame It on the Alcohol".


La Crescenta Motel


Sam and his family are living in a motel in episode 2x19 "Rumours".

Bow Bridge (Central Park)

Bow Bridge

From episode 2x22 "New York". From episode 5x01 "Love, Love, Love".


Tiffany's & Co.


Kurt and Rachel sneak off to have Breakfast at Tiffany's. From episode 2x22 "New York".


InterContinental New York Times Square


New Directions stay at the InterContinental while in New York for Nationals. From episode 2x22 "New York".


Times Square (north of 45th)

Times Square

From episode 2x22 "New York".

Source: IMDb


Million Dollar Theatre

CrossRhodes Theatre (interior)

Will checks out the theatre where CrossRhodes is playing while in New York in episode 2x22 "New York".




Finn and Rachel meet Patti LuPone From episode 2x22 "New York".


Gershwin Theatre

From episode 2x22 "New York".

Source: IMDb


Whiskey Bend


Kurt, Blaine, Sebastian, and Max visit West Lima's gay bar in episode 3x05 "The First Time".


Venice High School

William McKinley High School

Performance of "Summer Nights" from Grease in the stadium and "We Found Love" in the pool in episode 3x10 "Yes/No".


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Theme Park

For skip day the New Directions ride the Viper at Six Flags in episode 3x15 "Big Brother".


333 South Plymouth Boulevard


Finn fixes a hot tub and considers moving to California with Puck to clean pools in episode 3x15 "Big Brother".


City of Santa Clarita Skate Park

Skate Park

Artie and Quinn go for their own skip day at the skate park in episode 3x15 "Big Brother".


Westfield Fashion Square


Tina hits her head after falling in a fountain while texting and emerges as Rachel in episode 3x20 "Props".


Luckman Theater at CSU LA

Nationals Venue

The glee clubs attend the National's competition in Chicago in episode 3x21 "Nationals".

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station

Rachel arrives in New York in episode 3x22 "Goodbye".


115 S June St

Rachel's House (exterior)

Finn picks Rachel up to take her to the train station in episode 3x22 "Goodbye".


Santa Paula Train Depot

Lima Train Station

Rachel leaves on the train in episode 3x22 "Goodbye".

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Rachel spends a lot of time with her phone in Washington Square Park, be it taking photos with Brody or crying to Kurt in episode 4x01 "The New Rachel".


Disney Hall

NYADA's Round Room

Rachel performs "New York State of Mind" for Carmen Tibideaux in the acoustically perfect Round Room in episode 4x01 "The New Rachel".


Piano Bar


Rachel and Brody sing "Give Your Heart A Break" and Blaine sings "Teenage Dream" in episode 4x04 "The Break-Up".


Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Puck dresses up as a super hero for extra money in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in episode 4x07 "Dynamic Duets".

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Rachel and Kurt discuss their decision to stay in New York over Thanksgiving in episode 4x08 "Thanksgiving".

Bryant Park

Bryant Park Ice Rink

Blaine surprises Kurt for a winter duet in 2012 Christmas special "Glee, Actually".


New York City Backlot (Paramount Studios)

Paramount Studios

Puck and Jake sing and play guitar in a montage around Paramount Studios in 2012 Christmas special "Glee, Actually".


The Los Angeles Theatre Center

Lima Municipal Court


The Adam's Apples perform in episode 4x11 "Sadie Hawkins".