“#TeamLucifer” Filming Locations

Series: Lucifer Season 1, Episode 12
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Lucifer episode "#TeamLucifer" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Church of the High Prince (interior)

A group of satanists perform a mock-scarifice and later Lucifer and Chloe arrive to question them about the actual dead girl.


Million Dollar Theatre as Million Dollar Theater (exterior)

The street preacher yells at Lucifer as he and Chloe are walking into a crime scene.

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver as Million Dollar Theater (interior)

Chloe brings Lucifer to look at the body of a woman who had is name carved in her back.


WilMar Estate as Rose's Apartment

Chloe and Lucifer search the victim's apartment with her father and find a secret room.

750 Pacific Boulevard as Police Station

The police look into the devil cult.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Amenadiel's Apartment

Maze arrives at Amenadiel's place while he is brooding and tries to convince herself to kill him after they sleep together.


Bekaert Plant as Warehouse

The team tracks Corazon down to a warehouse where he is hanging up dead.


Hollywood Boulevard (between Cherokee & Whitley) as Street Protest

Lucifer gets into a confrontation with Jacob Williams and is caught on video.

Alley (south of Granville, west of Robson) as Alley near Lux

The police pull up in the alley near the club and Chloe heads inside to check on Lucifer.