Movies Filmed at 1816 North Wilton Place

1816 N Wilton Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
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The Polynesian from Hacks
114 m

Hollywood/Western Station from Her
491 m

Counterpoint Records & Books from Beginners
500 m

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Darius & Tamar's Home

Darius brings Alex inside hinting at needing him to do something unsavory only to reveal he needs his future child's nursery painted in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. Alex returns to Darius' home under the pretense of doing some work but he really just wants to flirt with Livvie in episode 2x02 “Radio On”. Alex plays dominoes with Darius and later talks to Livvie about her dreams in episode 2x03 “Double Zeros”.