“Gimmie Shelter” Filming Locations

The kids search for shelter while trying to survive on the streets and escape pursuit while their parents come up with a plan to save themselves and defeat Jonah.

Series: Runaways Season 2, Episode 1
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Runaways episode "Gimmie Shelter" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Marathon Building (Paramount Studios) as Los Angeles Police Department

The parents pass through a mob of reporters while heading to the police station to pick up their children.


Rattlesnake Park as Los Angeles River

The Runaways chase after a thief who stole Chase's Fistigons and all of their cash while they were sleeping.


Security & Tour Building (Paramount Studios) as Pride Provides Soup Kitchen

While visiting a soup kitchen to get lunch, the kids notice the place is run by their parents' charity.


5435 Wilbur Avenue as Graciela Aguirre's House

Graciela Aguirre tells a news reporter that she has evidence pointing to the parents, not the kids, which puts her life in danger from PRIDE.


2812 Clearwater Street as Abandoned Tire Store

Alex meets with Darius to request more cash but Darius demands Alex do something for him first.


The Dresden as Dresden

The kids discuss how to get across town to Graciela Aguirre's home and come up with a plan to steal a car from a valet stand.


1816 North Wilton Place as Darius & Tamar's Home

Darius brings Alex inside hinting at needing him to do something unsavory only to reveal he needs his future child's nursery painted.


The Viaduct as Homeless Encampment

Nico organizes a Wiccan memorial for Graciela Aguirre before the kids settle in for the night in their new tents.


New York City Backlot (Paramount Studios) as Healing Algorithm

Victor wakes up inside a simulation created by Jonah to help him heal and Jonah asks for his help in return.


Mt. Hollywood Drive Tunnel (Griffith Park) as Griffith Park Tunnel

The Runaways chase Mike on a Bike through the Griffith Park tunnel.


Mt. Hollywood Drive Vista (Griffith Park) as The Hostel (gate)

While chasing Mike on a Bike over a hilltop to recover the Fistigons, Karolina falls through a skylight into a strange buried mansion.


Tank 116 (Griffith Park) as The Hostel (door)

Molly rips the gate sealing up the mansion and the Runaways head inside their new home.