“Double Zeros” Filming Locations

The Runaways encounter troubles while trying to train as a team, Molly goes out for some vigilante work, and Alex's parents make a move to recover him.

Series: Runaways Season 2, Episode 3
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Runaways episode "Double Zeros" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

South Anderson Street (between 4th & Willow) as Alley

Molly goes walking at night, sees a poster saying her friends are missing, and breaks up a conflict between a woman and a pimp using her powers.


Eastside Luv Wine Bar as Happy Haus

Alex ignores a call from Nico and then makes a delivery for Darius and picks up an envelope of money.


1816 North Wilton Place as Darius & Tamar's Home

Alex plays dominoes with Darius and later talks to Livvie about her dreams.


Paramount Theatre (Paramount Studios) as Church of Gibborim Worship Center

Leslie talks to Frank after his sermon and accuses him of stealing the church from her.


New York City Backlot (Paramount Studios) as Healing Algorithm

Victor gets angry with Jonah when he tries to speed up his work.


Lucha Underground Arena as Warehouse

Darius tricks Alex into meeting his father and is payed in the deed to the construction site.


Hollywood Burbank Airport as Van Nuys Airport

The Runaways race to rescue Alex while his father tries to fly him out of the country.


W Hollywood as Gordon Hotel

Darius goes to the hotel suite that Geoffrey reserved for him but finds Catherine waiting for him.