Movies Filmed at Race Trac Gas

2426 200 St, Langley, BC V2Z 1X1, Canada

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Fernridge Hall from Charmed and 1 other movie.
100 m

196 Street (between 24 & 28) from Travelers
900 m

Stoke's Pit from Travelers
1.1 km

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Gas Station

A man approaches a woman waiting in her car at a gas station causing her to hit run down her boyfriend in episode 3x05 “Yew Do You”.


Race Trac Gas

Ben and Maddie stop for gas with the mermaids on their way back to the cabin and they end up causing a scene in the store in episode 2x02 “The Wolf at the Door”. Xander tells Eliza and the hunter to stay inside while he gets gas but the hunter ends up following a dude into a van in episode 2x14 “The Last Mermaid”.