“The Wolf at the Door” Filming Locations

Ryn, Maddie, and Ben work to keep the newly arrived mermaids fed and hidden.

Series: Siren Season 2, Episode 2
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Siren episode "The Wolf at the Door" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Fernridge Hall as Community Center

Ben goes to an addiction support meeting and Maddie's mother sees him talking about an obsessive relationship.


2722 Henry Street as Bishop House

Ben brings Maddie coffee and tells her that the ocena mapping will take eight months.

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park) as Cabin

Maddie and Ben bring supplies to the mermaids and then try to come up with a plan on how to keep them safe for the duration.


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital) as Ted Pownall's Office

Helen visits Ted's office to get some more money to support the mermaids.

Barnet Marine Park as Shallow Cove

Ben and Ryn visit a beach where the mermaids should be safe to swim.


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital) as Bristol Cove First Federal Bank

Helen goes to the bank to get the money for Helen and Xander visits in an attempt to get a loan.


Mt. Seymour Road (between CBC & Perimeter trailheads) as Driving

Ben drives Ryn to the marine center.


Race Trac Gas as Race Trac Gas

Ben and Maddie stop for gas with the mermaids on their way back to the cabin and they end up causing a scene in the store.