Movies Filmed at New York City Backlot

Part of Paramount Studios
860 N Gower St, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA
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Schulberg Building from Star Trek
249 m

Plaza Parking from Runaways
265 m

Security & Tour Building from Runaways
290 m

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Paramount Studios

Puck and Jake sing and play guitar in a montage around Paramount Studios in 2012 Christmas special "Glee, Actually".


Healing Algorithm

Victor wakes up inside a simulation created by Jonah to help him heal and Jonah asks for his help in return in episode 2x01 "Gimmie Shelter". Victor gets angry with Jonah when he tries to speed up his work in episode 2x03 "Double Zeros". Janet returns to find Victor complaining about the cheesesteak he summoned and asks his help destroying the gravitation wave drive in episode 2x05 "Rock Bottom".

Alley in Tohper's Story

Topher tells the story of finding the mysterious glowing rocks while dumpster diving in episode 2x05 "Rock Bottom".

Gordon Hotel (service entrance)

The Runaways watch from across the street was Molly is taken away by AWOL and his goons in episode 2x09 "Big Shot".


Street outside Apartment

The gang runs outside the apartment and sees the city in chaos before ducking into a convenience store to avoid the dust cloud.


From episode 15x21 "One Step Forward".