Movies Filmed at Heritage Woods Secondary

Heritage Woods Secondary, 1300 David Ave, Port Moody, BC V3H 5K6, Canada
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Eagle Ridge Hospital from Lucifer
1.9 km

St. James's Well Pub from Imposters
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Legacy Hair Studio from Imposters
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Global Dynamics Exterior
Missile Silo

Baseball field out back is the launch silo in episode #411 "Liftoff" which Jo Lupo repels down later in the episode.

GD Antenna Station

Filmed in the back parking lot. Where Lexi's car is stopped by a force field and she is rescued by Jack and Henry in episode 3x06 "Phased and Confused".

John Tucker Must Die

Forest Hills High School

Defying Gravity

ISO Training Facility Exterior

Exterior of the International Space Organization training facility throughout the series.