X-Men Filming Locations

Loner Logan runs into another mutant and the road and they both end up at a school for mutants where they are swept up in a battle between the X-Men and a mutant terrorist organization.

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X-Men was filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, & Oshawa in Canada and Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Gristmill Lane

Concentration Camp

Young Magneto is taken from his parents at a Nazi concentration camp.

Metro Hall

Congressional Meeting Room

Senator Kelly proposes his Mutant Registration Act to congress.

Roy Thomson Hall

Congressional Hallway

Xavier and Magneto talk after the Congressional hearing. Later, Mystique disguised as Senator Kelly gives a press conference.

Source: IMDb

Casa Loma

Xavier's School (interior)

Wolverine and Rogue arrive at Xavier's school.

Parkwood Estate & Gardens

Xavier's School (exterior)

Students at Xavier's school enjoy the gardens on the grounds.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum


Senator Kelly gets out of his limo and hops into his helicopter.

Source: Wikipedia


Paradise Cove


Senator Kelly washes up on the beach after being hit with Magneto's mutant gun.

Toronto Maintenance Centre

Train Car

Wolverine comes to talk to Rogue who is sitting on a train waiting to leave.

Source: IMDb

Liuna Station

Train Station

The X-Men go to the train station and fight with Magneto's forces to protect Rogue.

Spencer Smith Park

Statue of Liberty Shore

Magneto's forces attack the guards defending the Statue of Liberty.

Central Toronto Academy

Conference of World Leaders

World leaders meet to discuss the mutant issue on Ellis Island.

Bridgman Transformer Station

Statue of Liberty Museum

The X-Men infiltrate the Statue of Liberty museum and are attacked by Mystique.

Greystone Mansion

Xavier's School (front gate)

Wolverine leaves the school and heads out on his own at the end of the film.