Movies Filmed at Roy Thomson Hall

60 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON M5J 2H5, Canada

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Roy Thomson Hall is a 2,630 seat concert hall constructed in 1982. It features a circular glass structure designed by the architect Arthur Erickson with Mathers and Haldenby.

Nearby Locations
73 Simcoe Street from Hannibal
68 m

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from Shadowhunters
88 m

David Pecaut Square from Good Witch and 4 other movies.
98 m

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The Expanse

The U.N. HQ Annex

The U.N. Undersecretary orders Avasarala to stop using gravity torture on the captured OPA operative in episode 1x02 “The Big Empty”. Avasarala is dressed down by Sadavir Errinwright for pressuring Carlos Davila in episode 1x06 “Rock Bottom”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Monster and the Rocket

Errinwright walks his son to school near and then talks to Chrisjen about his upcoming testimony and her meeting with Jules-Pierre Mao.

Fight or Flight

Errinwright gets a message telling him that the mission to eliminate Avasarala failed.


Congressional Hallway

Xavier and Magneto talk after the Congressional hearing. Later, Mystique disguised as Senator Kelly gives a press conference.

Source: IMDb