Movies Filmed at Parkwood Estate & Gardens

270 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON L1G 4T5, Canada

Official Site

Built in 1917, the Parkwood Estate was the former home of the founder of GM of Canada, Samuel McLaughlin. The McLaughlin family moved out in ‘72 and the estate became a history site in ‘89 and is now a museum.

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Caulder Mansion

Gar takes Rachel to the mansion he lives filled with strange people in episode 1x04 “Doom Patrol”.

The Expanse

Mao Estate

Errinwright talks to Mao about the Martian ship heading to Phoebe Station and what to do about Eros in episode 2x01 “Safe”. Jules-Pierre Mao watches a news report on the stealth ship that was linked to his company. He talks with Errinwright over coms after the meeting with Avasarala in episode 2x04 “Godspeed”.


City of Glass Gardens

Luke has a vision of Jocelyn while unconscious and later the younger versions of them are seen in a flashback in episode 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.

Hall of the Accords

Valentine attacks the signing of the Accords and attempts to steal the Mortal Cup during a flashback in episode 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.

Werewolf Hideout

In a flashback, Valentine leads Luke into a trap where he is attacked by werewolves in episode 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.


In a flashback, Clary treats Luke after he is attacked by the werewolves in episode 1x08 “Bad Blood”.


Xavier's School (exterior)

Students at Xavier's school enjoy the gardens on the grounds.