Batman Begins Filming Locations

The first in Christopher Nolan's reboot of the Batman franchise. This gritty film depicts how Bruce Wayne became the Batman and vowed to clean up Gotham City.

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Batman Begins was filmed in Iceland, London in United Kingdom, and Chicago in United States of America.
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Mentmore Towers

Wayne Manor

Appears as Wayne Maynor in Batman Begins.


Coalhouse Fort

Bhutanese Prison

Where Bruce Wayne is imprisoned and gets in a prison fight.


Svinafellsjokulsvegur (Vatnajökull)

Bruce Dropped Off

Bruce Wayne is dropped off by the side of the road and begins to walk towards a Tibetan glacier.




Where Bruce Wayne trains in Tibet.

Garrick Theatre

Opera House

Young Bruce Wayne watches the Opera with his parents.


Jeweler's Building

Gotham City Court House

Used as the exterior of the Gotham City Court House.


Senate House Library

Gotham City Court House

Used as the interior of the court house where Chill is gunned down.

Farmiloe Building

Gotham City Police Station

Interior scenes of the police station were filmed here.

Shanghai Warehouse

The warehouse where Bruce Wayne was arrested was filmed here.


Chicago Board of Trade Building

Wayne Enterprises

Used as the exterior of Wayne Enterprises.


235 West Lake Street

Gotham City Police Station Rooftop

After first being approached by Batman, Gordon chases him to the roof of the police station.


ExCel London Event Hall


Wayne Enterprises' bright, empty warehouse where Bruce Wayne first tests the Tumbler.


Tilbury Docks


Where Batman disrupts the drug smuggling operation.



Appears as the exterior of the hotel where Bruce Wayne runs into Rachel.


Plateau Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant

The interior of the hotel restaurant where Bruce Wayne brings two European ladies who play in the water fountain.


Franklin Street Bridge

Bridge to the Narrows

This is used as the bridge to the narrows throughout the movie and is the one Bruce Wayne jumps in the Tumbler.


MRC National Institute for Medical Research

Arkham Asylum

Exterior shots of Arkham Asylum.


Abbey Mills Pumping Station

Arkham Asylum Laboratory

Where Dr Crane manufacturers his hallucinogen.


St. Pancras Station

Arkham Asylum

The staircase where Batman escapes the SWAT team using bats was filmed in St Pancras Chambers at St Pancras Station.


Parking Garage (at 200 West Randolph)

Parking Garage

Batman drives the Tumbler up this parking garage to escape the police.


Lower Wacker Drive

Underground Road

The police chase Batman through this underground road.


Amstutz Expressway


The police chase Batman down this street before he disappears into the bat cave.