The Dark Knight Filming Locations

Chicago becomes Gotham City in Christopher Nolan's gritty remake of this classic superhero.

Part of the Batman Collection

The Dark Knight was filmed in Chicago & Los Angeles in the United States of America, London in the United Kingdom, and in Hong Kong.

Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront as Bruce's Penthouse

Bruce's penthouse bedroom where he talks with Alfred and enters his panic room during the Joker's attack. Located in the hotel penthouse, exterior shots modified with CG.

330 North Wabash as Harvey Dent's Office

Jim Gordon has a meeting with Harvey Dent regarding the bank raids early in the film, located on the south side of the building.

330 North Wabash as Commissioner Leob's Office

Jim Gordon tries to tell the Commissioner about Joker's threats and then the Commissioner is poisoned. Located on the east side of the building.

330 North Wabash as Mayor's Office

Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent meet with the Mayor and Commissioner Loeb about the mass arrests. Located in the southwest corner of the building.

Willis Tower as Skyscraper

Batman stands on this skyscraper and listens to the police radio after the Joker's attack on his party.

Brach's Candy Factory as Gotham General Hospital

Harvey Dent is being treated in this hospital when the Joker blows it up. The factory was imploded for the film.