The Dark Knight Filming Locations

Chicago becomes Gotham City in Christopher Nolan's gritty remake of this classic superhero.

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The Dark Knight was filmed in Hong Kong in China, Los Angeles & Chicago in United States of America, and London in United Kingdom.
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Old Chicago Main Post Office

Gotham City Police Station

Used for the exterior of the Gotham City PD.

Gotham National Bank

The roof, exterior, and interior were all used for the bank robbery in the opening scene of the movie.

Franklin and Van Buren

Street Corner

The shot of the bank robber being picked up at the beginning of the movie was filmed here.


Parking Garage (at 200 West Randolph)

Gotham City Police Station

Roof of the police station where the Batsignal is located.

Parking Garage

Some fake Batmans try and break up a drug deal between some thugs and Scarecrow.


Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront

Bruce's Penthouse

Bruce's penthouse bedroom where he talks with Alfred and enters his panic room during the Joker's attack. Located in the hotel penthouse, exterior shots modified with CG.

The Building Opposite

SWAT assembles on this building's rooftop in preparation for assaulting the construction site where the Joker is held.


St. Charles Air Line Bridge

Batman's Lair

Bruce stores his Batman gear in this underground facility beneath a railway bridge.


330 North Wabash

Harvey Dent's Office

Jim Gordon has a meeting with Harvey Dent regarding the bank raids early in the film, located on the south side of the building.

Wayne Enterprises

The Wayne Enterprises board meets in a meeting room on the northwest corner of the building.

Mayor's Office

Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent meet with the Mayor and Commissioner Loeb about the mass arrests. Located in the southwest corner of the building.

Commissioner Leob's Office

Jim Gordon tries to tell the Commissioner about Joker's threats and then the Commissioner is poisoned. Located on the east side of the building.

Press Conference

Harvey Dent holds a press conference and announces that he is Batman.


Richard J Daley Center

Wayne Enterprises

Exterior only of the Wayne tower.

Criterion Restaurant

Bruce's Restaurant

Bruce comes upon Rachel and Harvey Dent having dinner at the restaurant Bruce bought in Batman Begins.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division

Fox demonstrates new Batman technology to Bruce. Filmed in Kentia Hall.


Chicago Theatre

Gotham Ballet

Rachel and Harvey arrive at the theatre only to find the performance has been canceled because Bruce ran off with the whole company.


Two International Finance Centre

Lau's Offices

Batman kidnaps Lau from his offices in this skyscraper.


McCormick Place

Lau's Offices

Lucius Fox has a lunch meeting with Lau in his office building in Hong Kong.


Cochrane St. Pedestrian Overpass

Hong Kong Overpass

After his meeting with Lau, Lucius Fox talks to Bruce about the plan.

Farmiloe Building

Gotham City Police Station

The interiors of the Farmiloe were used as the set of Gotham Police Station.


The Berghoff

Mobster Bar

Gordon leads a police raid to arrest the mob bosses.


One Illinois Center

Bruce's Penthouse

Bruce hosts a fundraiser for Harvey Dent in his penthouse that is attacked by The Joker. Filmed in the lobby of the building with the views out the windows replaced with a view from Hotel 71.


Willis Tower


Batman stands on this skyscraper and listens to the police radio after the Joker's attack on his party.


Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown

8th & Orchard

The Joker leads the police to this apartment to find the bodies of two people named Harvey and Dent.


West Quincy Street & South LaSalle Street

Commissioner Leob's Funeral

The Joker attempt to kill the Mayor during police Commissioner Leob's funeral.


Sound Bar

Dance Club

Batman fights his way through guards to interrogate Maroni.


West Van Buren Street Bridge


The police convoy drives across a bridge.


300 Block, West Monroe Street


The Joker kills a police officer at a roadblock before attacking Harvey Dent's convoy.


West Monroe Street & South Wacker Drive

Burning Firetruck

The convoy transporting Harvey Dent is diverted to Lower 5th by a burning firetruck.


Lower Wacker Drive

Lower 5th

The Joker leads Harvey Dent's convoy underground where it has to be saved by Batman.

West Monroe Street & South LaSalle Street

Overturned Semi-truck

Batman attempt to stop the Joker from killing Harvey Dent and is ultimately saved by Jim Gordon.


Millennium Station

Shopping Center

Batman rushes through here on the Batpod on his way to rescue Harvey Dent's convoy.


Battersea Power Station

250 52nd Street

Ruins of the warehouse where Rachel was blown up by the Joker.


500 West Monroe Street

GCN Studio

Reese does an interview at this news station and has to be escorted out by the police after the Joker puts a price on his head.


Brach's Candy Factory

Gotham General Hospital

Harvey Dent is being treated in this hospital when the Joker blows it up. The factory was imploded for the film.


West Illinois Street & North Franklin Street

Crash Site

Bruce stops a man in a truck from crashing into the police convoy carrying Reese.


North Wabash Avenue Bridge


Police search this bridge in the belief that the Joker planted a bomb on it.


Twin Anchors Restaurant & Tavern

Gotham Bar

Where Harvey Dent confronts Detective Wuertz.


Navy Pier

Ferry Terminal

Civilians and criminals are loaded onto ferries to escape Gotham.


East Wacker Drive & North Field Boulevard


Batman waits on his Batcycle for Lucius Fox to find the location of the Joker.

Trump International Hotel and Tower

Pruiett Building

The Joker is running his game on the ferries from a construction site when Batman attacks and finally stops him.